No smartphone

No social media

7-day challenge begins first Monday of the month

Next one begins:

    Hi, I'm Laurence Warner aka Cerulean, a British performing artist.

    In May 2018, as a Fulbright Scholar researching the growing phenomenon of Smartphone Dependence, I realised I needed to tackle my own addiction first, so invited my friend Tushar to join me in this challenge.

    It was so successful at helping me refine what I - not Big Tech - want to get out of smartphone socialising, that I've continued going cold turkey once a month ever since, sometimes with dozens of other young people - including my amazing Get PhoneSmart team.

    For the 2021 Challenges, I myself am trying a "modern flip phone", The Light Phone II, though I'd definitely still encourage first timers to dig out the vintage tech and enjoy the satisfaction of slapping down the phone at the end of a quality phone call, as depicted here.

    If you'd you like to join me this coming month, please reach out, and I'd love to support you:

    If you're not quite ready to take on this challenge, go cheer on those who have, and find out more about how it's helped them acheive a healthier relationship with tech:

      til we can celebrate back on socials!